Always at Night, this will play

Always at Night, this will play.


"Please Knock Before Entering"

a paper on the Door of The room. 


Miles's Room is the last room at the end of the Hallway upstairs. The Door is next to a window and has a Piece of Paper with a Smiley Face saying: "Please Knock Before Entering".


The inside of the Room is Completely Black with blue, Spray painted Graffiti of a Persona Mask. The Bed is near a Window in one side of the Room and is Covered with a Black Bed Sheet and Blue pillows. On the Right, there is a Small Flat screen T.V. ontop of a Wooden Drawer. On the left, there is a Desk with a Laptop, Wii, and an Xbox 360 in the cabbinet.


Miles is usually the Most quiet during the Day and he usually Plays his Invisible Flute during the Afternoon and finally gets a bit noisy at night. The song he Listens to at Night is "Shooting the Moon" By Mona, and much to the Annoyance of his Roomies.
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Chillin' At Night.