"Whats the matter, Scared?"

Miles asking a Question. 


Miles (Currently Nicknamed 'Shard') is the oldest Member of the house and is the owner. He has many different Forms but his currrent form is the body of Metal Sonic 2.5, A robot built by Dr.Eggman. He respects his Roomates and doesn't give them chores around the house, He'd rather do them himself. Miles HATES drama and quickly finds ways to Extinguish a fight, or joins it to stop it. His Big Brother Connor is Miles's inspiration, while Cody always tries to be his role model when its actually the other way around. He used to show a Large amount of respect for Connor, however Miles didn't agree with Connor and Eggman's ways. So he Betrayed them and Became a Freedom Fighter. He fought his Brother but was losing quickly so he Escaped. Connor returned and Attack Miles's house, Forcing Miles to defend it from his Brother, However Miles improved on his Fighting skills. He was still not strong enough to defeat his Bigger Brother. He sacrafices himself to Protect his friends.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Miles as a Robot has many Skills, Most of the them outmatches his Roomates. He can fly due to the fact that he has an Afterburner on his back, He can also run at Near-Sonic speeds since he has Jet boosters on his feet (Allowing him to Catch up or Run faster than Sonic). He also Possess's Incredible Strength due to the fact that he does most of the work around the House.  Miles has a wide range of senses and Intelligence, It being near Impossible to trick him unless he Know's its a trick and does it anyways. Though he may be the strongest of the Residents in the house, he couldn't keep up in Skill compared to his Older Brother Connor.

Fight with ConnorEdit

Miles and Connor engaged each other in a fight due to the fact that Connor worked for Dr.Eggman. The fight was long and Hard, Connor managed to get the upper hand and nearly defeated Miles. Miles however, used his Arm Cannon to Divide the ground, Seperating the Two.......Temporarily. Eventually, Connor comes back to fight Miles again. This time, Connor realises then Miles improved on his fighting abilities, however he still managed to defeat Him. Miles (as a last stand) sacraficed himself to kill Connor by Punching the Self-destruct powercore. Miles was badly damaged and Died soon after.