Julian was playing his Sonic 2 Copy, when all of a sudden the screen went black. 'WHAT?! OH COME ON! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BEAT METROPOLIS!!!" Julian yelled, But then the screen started glowing and something started coming out... it was blue.. had spikes... and a red sneakers.... It was sonic the hedgehog! Sonic looked back and forth for a second before looking at julian. "Hey, kid.. wanna go for a ride?" Sonic asked. "R-r-ride?" Sonic grabbed julians hand and ran through all the parts of the house, busting in everyones rooms before running back into julians room in nearly a second. "Even though i feel like im going to vomit... that was AWESOME!" Julian said. Julian heard  mandel scream "JULIAN BROKE IN!! IM GOING TO KILL HIM!!". "Uh-oh.." Julian said. Julian ran up and locked the door. "Who's that?" Sonic asked. "Mandel... my friend's asshole boyfriend... We gotta hide!" Julian said. Mandel broke the door down. "YOUR DEAD YOU IDIOT!" Mandel yelled! Sonic then jumped on mandels head and covered his eyes while he was on the stairs, Mandel then fell down the stairs. Sonic started jumping on Mandel's Stomach, and then started coughing up blood. "You win! You win! You can come in our room whenever you want!" Mandel gave Julian the password to their room, and then went back upstairs. "Well, i better be getting back to my world now. I hope we can see eachother again!" Sonic said. "Bye sonic!" Julian said as he waved. Sonic then jumped back in his world and Julian could start playing again.