My room. (Soul aka Emily's room)

Pretty simple. Dont walk in. Knock. Alright? Thanks!

Simple little room. Walls are all blue, filled with drawings all over the walls. A mess in the closet. Twin sized bed. Everything Sonic, Pokemon, and Doctor Who in the room. Plushies everywhere. Coloring all over the floor. Little desk by the window, filled with books, paper, pens, pencils, and books. A bit of Hunger Games by the side. Pictues of my brothers and cousins all over the closet door.

Game sytems put in a little box under the bed. 3DS always charging next to my phone on my desk. Bracelets thrown all over inside the 3rd drawer. Collectors items on top of my desk and drawer, and a fish bowl with a rainbow crown fish (male). A bit of posters next to my drawings on the wall. Near the door to exit, are holes on the wall... Trying to fix them, okay?