Dreams that Dwell Within is a Roleplay available for everyone in the House to Participate in. The Story is Below.


Klonoa (a Dream Traveler) Falls asleep only to have him inside a Dream of a place Called Nightopia. He arrives at "The Dream Gate" and meets a Talking Owl who informs him of his Current Dream. He later tells Klonoa that Nightopia is In danger because of the "Nightmarens", a Violent Race of Jester-like beings who wish to destroy Nightopia by Stealing Ideya's from Vistors (People who Dream of Nightopia). Just then, NiGHTS (a Nightmaren Rebel) Is Floating above Klonoa and Owl, Playing his/her Invisible Flute. She/He Notices the new Vistor and Decides to greet Him, Informing Him on "Dualizing". Owl notices that Klonoa isn't the Only Vistor who made it into Nightopia.

Meanwhile, another Nightmaren named "Reala" is Plotting on destroy Nightopia and get rid of his nemisis NiGHTS.

Bruce: Woah, this place is cool.

A two Tailed Kitsune Fox is seen Sleeping under a Tree in a Distance.


There can be any character that can Join this RP, But there are still rules.

  • No Cursing
  • Treat others with Respect
  • Don't kill off another User's Character without Permission from that User
  • Don't Change the Story